About Fast Film Judge

Welcome to Fast Film Judge.

I used to rate films out of 10, but have recently changed it to out of 5 stars:

★★★★★ Masterpiece
★★★★½ Must See
★★★★ Excellent
★★★½ Very Good
★★★ Good
★★½ Okay
★★ No Good
★½ Weak
★ Bad
½ Terrible

I can’t stand film reviews that only talk about the plot and use fancy terminology that is hard to follow…this is why I started Fast Film Judge.  They are the worst, but most amazing reviews out there.

I always watched movies, but ever since I watched THE HURT LOCKER a few years ago it changed everything.  I am now obsessed with the industry and I am always reading and looking up actors and films.

Again, welcome to Fast Film Judge.  Hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, B. Manner.

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