TIFF 2014 Review – While We’re Young (Noah Baumbach)

Celebrities On The Set of "While We Were Young" In New York City - September 24, 2013

WHILE WE’RE YOUNG: Directed by Noah Baumbach

From IMDB: An uptight documentary filmmaker and his wife find their lives loosened up a bit after befriending a free-spirited younger couple.

– Noah Baumbach is a director that I enjoy following, but his films aren’t necessarily my favourites.  I have yet to see FRANCES HA and GREENBERG a second time (I plan on watching both again soon), and still haven’t seen his first film, KICKING AND SCREAMING.  Two films by him that I really enjoy are THE SQUID AND THE WHALE and MARGOT AT THE WEDDING.

– It was cool to open up the festival with the world premiere of While We’re Young.  Noah Baumbach, Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried were all in attendance.

– What I like about Baumbach is that most of his films have a very unique mood to them.  They are very dramatic and depressing, but also have many funny parts.  This was my biggest disappointment with WHILE WE’RE YOUNG.  I went into the theatre expecting some of the same from Baumbach, but the film is actually more of a comedy.  I didn’t get the dramatic punch I wanted from the story.

– I loved the first half.  Right away, being introduced to two couples from different generations and having them befriend each other was both interesting and unique.  The chemistry between Ben Stiller and Adam Driver was particularly great.  Unfortunately, the film goes in a different direction and the relationships between the two couples doesn’t progress as much as I would’ve liked.

– The main thing that killed the story for me was that I wasn’t into the relationship between Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts.  I don’t think their relationship came across as strong enough, and because of that I didn’t have any sort of feeling for them at the end of the film.

– With only four central characters it’s important to make them all interesting and deep, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.  Amanda Seyfried’s character was definitely left behind and she didn’t add much of anything to the film.


I know my points are mostly negative, but that’s only because I had such high hopes for the film.  My genre preference is drama, so the fact that Baumbach went for a more accessible comedy had me bothered.  There are some very funny moments and I think that lots of people, even those who don’t usually like Baumbach’s work, will find this film enjoyable.


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